Hello! I'm a friendly human currently living in Brooklyn, NYC. Career-wise I’m considered a Creative Coder / Full-Stack Developer. I’ve also gone with Creative Engineer, Creative Technologist, and Multimedia/Hybrid Artist.

At the core of it all, it means:

I speak very fluent robot and can make things look and move beautifully like an artist.

I have 8+ years of professional EXP with various coding languages such as C++, Objective-C, Arduino, Java, HTML, CSS/SASS, JavaScript, AS3, Lingo, and PHP. I actually built my first few websites when I was 12 years young using FrontPage!

I also have varied EXP with VR, computer vision, electronics, sensors, game mechanics/design, graphic design, ux, illustration, motion graphics, 3d modeling/rigging/animation, photography, leather crafting, woodworking, fabrication, sewing, 3d printing, and sculpting.

“Why so many things?!” Well... that's because:

I’m on an endless quest to explore the many interconnected facets of art, code, and tech!

I find that there are beautiful connections to be discovered as you explore different mediums. And that by expanding your knowledge and experience you’re able to imagine new possibilities!

So if you're looking to hire a visual artist / designer / coder for a freelance gig -or- want to collaborate on a project that combines art, code, and tech, in interesting and unique ways, please contact me! :)

— Christopher Miles

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